Marriage and Family Therapy of Kearney and Grand Island   - JOHN ARKLE LICENSED INDEPENDENT MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST
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Kearney and Grand Island's Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
     Welcome, we hope you can find everything you need to set up your appointments. We want you to know you are with a professional you can trust and have confidence in.
Arkle Family Therapy is focused on providing high-quality services and consumer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We treat everyone with the highest professional ethics, wisdom, and cost effective interventions that  help keep families spiritually cohesive and at a functional healthy level.
Treatment is a valuable tool in achieving the Reality of Recovery. Every life can present many challenges, when those challenges seem overwhelming. Guidance from a Professional Therapist can make the difference between a life of pain and confusion compared to a life of successes and close relationships that can last a lifetime.
OUR GOAL is to provide compassionate services in a safe environment. We aspire to encourage the healthy functioning of individuals and families through sensitive and affordable behavioral/family services.  
We have a variety of offerings to choose from to insure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
OUR SERVICES are generally covered by most insurance companies. It is always  efficient for  you to call and receive pre-authorization for a smooth connection.
  •  BC/BS
  •  AETNA
  •  CIGNA
  •  VARIOUS EAP RESOURCES (most offer 3-5 free sessions)
There is a sliding scale for those with financial distress or limited income with payment at the time of service.
You not only save money, you can prevent distress for the whole family by working out problems. Resolving conflicts and resentment prevents trauma from the legal and court systems. Not only can it divide families, but set up future generations for dysfunction and restricted levels of attachment and intimacy. You can learn life time skills to forgive, take ownership, give and receive love, and give resentments to your Creator.

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